Opportunities Through Housing accessability

Many residents find it increasingly challenging to afford living in San Diego County. The soaring housing prices have forced longtime residents to seek more affordable housing options further away from the cities. Unfortunately, my parents were never able to purchase a home, and my wife and I faced numerous difficulties when buying our first home. This personal experience has fueled my unwavering advocacy for creating housing opportunities for all individuals, regardless of their income, in every part of the District.

Furthermore, the issue of homelessness looms large, demanding immediate attention and intensified efforts from the County. Heartbreaking scenes of homeless encampments along our freeways and the devastating impact of drug addiction and untreated mental illness, resulting in lives lost on the streets, compel us to take urgent action. We must prioritize providing shelter to those in need. However, it's crucial to acknowledge that shelters alone are not sufficient to address the underlying issues. Many individuals require comprehensive support that goes beyond temporary shelter. It is imperative that California expands inpatient treatment options statewide to tackle addiction and mental health concerns, while also considering necessary legal changes to ensure individuals accept the help they desperately need.

By sharing these experiences and advocating for effective solutions, I am dedicated to addressing the pressing issues of housing affordability and homelessness in our community. The fight for accessible and affordable housing is ongoing, and I remain committed to working tirelessly in Sacramento to create a more inclusive and supportive environment where everyone can find a stable place to call home.

so far we have worked on:

Streamline permits to build additional homes such as “granny flats”

Provided opportunity for first time home buyers


Reduce Cost of Living and Promote Homeownership

Our State is facing a record-high cost of living and we need more housing to allow our children to own homes. David co-authored the Affordable Housing and High Road Jobs Act, AB-2011, that reduces regulations, streamlines the permitting of new housing projects, and provides workers on those projects with strong pay and benefits. The State Budget also includes $500 million for a first-time homebuyer program to assist prospective homebuyers with down-payment assistance. This program began in Q1 of 2023 and David will continue to work on legislation that reduces our cost of living.

Streamline Permits to Build Additional Homes

David collaborated with the city during his time in Council to tackle the housing shortage by simplifying the process of building additional living spaces, commonly known as "granny flats." Furthermore, he streamlined the environmental review process for housing proposals and accelerated approval for projects that have affordable housing units.

Addressing Housing Shortage in San Diego County

In 2023, David led the charge in addressing the shortage of affordable housing for middle-income earners by passing the Incentivize the Build of More Middle Income Housing Act (AB1287). This law will create new housing for middle-income families and additional low-income and market-rate housing. By creating more affordable housing options for middle-income earners, the bill aims to help alleviate the current housing crisis in California.

Additionally, David helped pass his Exempt 100% Affordable Housing Development from Regulatory Roadblocks bill (AB 1449) which will make it easier to build affordable housing by providing a crucial exemption of CEQA for 100% affordable housing projects that meet specific location requirements, labor standards, and environmental regulations.

COMM22 Project in Logan Heights

As a long-time advocate and supporter of COMM22, David was instrumental in the successful development of this exceptional mix-use project. Creating affordable housing opportunities for families and senior citizens, as well as cultivating an environment where individuals can realize their dream of becoming first-time homeowners, exemplifies the impactful work and dedication that David fosters.

Addressing San Diego’s Homeless Issue

David worked with Mayor Faulconer to declare a local State of Emergency for a public health and safety crisis in the city of San Diego due to a significant number of individuals in the city who cannot obtain shelter. David called for additional shelter beds to accommodate the number of homeless people and suggested using areas like the former Downtown Central Library, Golden Hall, and others locations that remain empty. 

Hepatitis A Breakout

While Councilmember in 2017, David played a crucial role in the effective management of the deadly hepatitis A outbreak and took swift action to tackle the homelessness crisis in San Diego. His efforts included urging Mayor Faulconer and City Council members to work immediately to develop a ballot measure that focused on a long term funding source to prevent and respond to homelessness and affordable housing in the city. Additionally, David advocated that the Mayor redirect $5 million, that were previously earmarked for a special election, to accelerate the citywide efforts to combat homelessness.

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