Resolution in Support of the City's Efforts to Develop and Adopt a Climate Action Plan

July 23, 2014

Development and eventual passage of a Climate Action Plan (CAP) for the City of San Diego is critical to creating a framework for sustainable growth and development into the 21st century. Adopting and implementing a rigorous and comprehensive CAP will significantly benefit the health, safety, welfare, and environment of San Diegans by guiding strategic planning and economic and infrastructure development to improve sustainability and quality of life, improve air quality, create middle-class prevailing wage jobs and build resiliency and reduce the harmful impacts of climate change.

As the Mayor continues to progress on the draft CAP developed by Council President Todd Gloria, it is vital that members of the Committee on the Environment and full City Council make clear their expectations for the CAP's goals and outcomes. As such, I would request consideration of the attached proposed resolution in support of the City's efforts to develop and adopt an enforceable and beneficial CAP.

Given our current experience with an early and devastating wildfire season, and extreme drought, the resolution calls for the CAP to be brought forward for public review so that it can be enacted and implemented as soon as possible.

David Alvarez with District 80 residents


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