Nomination of Matthew Strabone to the Parking Advisory Board

April 26, 2016

With this memorandum, I am nominating Mr. Matthew Strabane to serve on the Parking Advisory Board in the Council District 8 seat. Mr. Strabane is an attorney and owner of Strabane Law. He has had extensive experience in the community planning process in the area of parking control implementations and other parking related policy matter. He served for two years in Los Angeles as a hearing officer, and in that role functioned as an adjudicator presiding over parking citation, vehicle impound, and other parking-related appeals hearings, which provided him with great familiarity with applicable provisions of the California Vehicle Code and the Los Angeles Municipal Code that dealt with parking. Additionally, he has familiarized himself with various theories of public parking through the written works of Professor Donald Shoup and Tom Vanderbilt on that topic. He is also writing a short piece on the history of the wheel clamp or "parking boot." Mr. Strabane spent a couple of years on the planning and land use subcommittee of the West Los Angeles Neighborhood Council, wherein parking requirements surrounding new residential and commercial developments were often at issue. This experience has allowed him to be familiar with issues surrounding parking requirements the common arguments made by developers, community members, and transit advocates surrounding these matters.

Mr. Strabane would be an invaluable resource to the Parking Advisory Board and I highly recommend his appointment for the currently vacant District 8 seat.

David Alvarez with District 80 residents


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