Maintenance of High Flood Risk Channels

October 27, 2015

At the October 7, 2015 Committee on the Environment meeting, the Transportation and Storm Water department presented an item concerning storm preparedness for the upcoming winter season, which is likely to include heavy rain storms as a result of the presence of El Nino conditions in the Pacific. Included in the presentation was an assessment of channels throughout the city that included the various flood risk levels associated with each. I was concerned at the number of channels identified by staff as high risk for flooding.

As such, I inquired about the possibility of performing emergency work in the channels that represented the highest risk. Staff indicated that the Regional Water Quality Control Board would only approve such work 48-72 hours prior to a storm event. However, in a recent conversation with RWQCB staff, I was made aware of the ability of the city to perform such work in anticipation of heavy rains this winter. I believe that such options should be explored by the Transportation and Storm Water department in cooperation with RWQCB staff.

Please see the attached letter I submitted to RWQCB Executive Director, David Gibson outlining some possibilities the city could pursue to prevent flooding and potential damage to residential and commercial properties. I look forward to working with you to expeditiously prepare our channels that have been identified as high flood risk in advance of potential winter storms.

David Alvarez with District 80 residents


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