Council District Eight Allocation Priorities for Community Block Development Grant (CDBG) Funds

June 3, 2015

I respectfully request funding consideration of the following for the additional $3 million available in the FY 2015 Annual Action Plan and the current reprogrammed balance for the following:

Construction of the San Ysidro Branch Library (S00802): $2,000,000 as the Library project meets HUD's specific eligibility requirements as a Capital Improvement Project requesting more than $100,000, able to be completed within 18 months, focused on construction of a publicly owned facility open to the general public, and serving a HUD eligible low and moderate census block group.

Island Park: $200,000 to bring the park into ADA compliance, as well as leveling the ground in preparation for a tot lot.

Clay Park: $100,000 for a pocket park in a residential area to provide benches, barbecue grills, night lighting, synthetic grass and playground equipment.

Sherman Heights Community Center: $70,000 to provide playground equipment for the only community center in the northern part of District 8. The Center once had playground equipment but the pieces are missing, have been removed, or lack repairs.

Thank you for your attention to and consideration of this request.

David Alvarez with District 80 residents


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