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Alvarez Statement on Selection of 2017 Council President

December 12, 2016

SAN DIEGO, CA (December 12, 2016) – San Diego City Councilmember David Alvarez today issued the following statement after the selection of a new Council President:

“While I am disappointed by the outcome, I remain strongly committed to advancing initiatives that improve the lives of San Diegans.  The Council must lead in several critical areas, such as increasing housing affordability, impactful solutions to homelessness, and achieving the goals set out in the Climate Action Plan.  We will only be successful if we are each able to focus on the common good that benefits all San Diegans and rise above serving special interests that benefit only a few. An independent and strong City Council that casts aside personal agendas in favor of good public policy is critical to the success of our City moving forward.”

David Alvarez with District 80 residents


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